Our tubes dedicated to the food industry are the ideal solution for practical use and controlled dispense of the quantity of product.

Chocolate, paté, anchovy paste, mayonnaise, jam and tomato concentrate are just some of the foods that are suitable for packaging in tubes.

In particular, laminate tubes offer an alternative aspect to your brand. Making it unique and original thanks to the wide graphic possibilities but also to the advantages represented by the material.

In fact, laminated tubes guarantee an excellent barrier effect from light, air and humidity, avoiding the alteration of organoleptic properties of food.

Moreover the internal aluminum acts as a barrier and protects the product from external contamination as well as from mold and bacteria.

In general, the packaging of food product in a tube represents an extreme advantage in terms of food preservation as it guarantees minimum air infiltration, ensuring long life and minimal waste of content compared to other types of packaging (jars or similar).
Don't forget the extreme practicality and convenience of food in the tube for example to garnish appetizers and snacks without using a spoon or knife and above all without dirtying.
You can take your tube with you even outside the home, at work, on the road

Another advantage of tube packaging is safety, in fact unlike the glass jar, the tube does not shatter and is therefore also a guarantee for smaller consumers.

Our tubes for food industry are in line with the following European directives:

* Directive 94/62 / EC (Packaging and Packaging Waste)
* Regulation 1907/2006 / EC (REACH)
* Regulation 2023/2006 / EC (GMP)
* Regulation 1935/2004 (Materials used in contact with food)
* Regulation 1895/2005 (Epoxy derivatives in contact with food)
* DM 03/23/73 and subsequent updates (Hygienic packaging regulations)
* EU Regulation 10/2011 (Plastics in contact with food)