Cosmetics and Personal Care

Cosmetics together with pharmaceuticals is one of the main sectors for the use of tube packaging.
Cosmetic tubes can contain hair dye, face and body creams, shaving gel or cream, toothpaste and much more.
One of the sectors in which packaging is essential (not only for marketing but also for product integrity) is the cosmetics sector.
Tecnotubetti takes care of making your brand attractive, communicative and of high quality.
At Tecnotubetti you can choose the strength and durability of the aluminum tube or the reliability, flexibility and look of the laminate tube

Print your logo and promote your image

Thanks to our internal graphic studio, we customize your product distinguishing your brand and making it unique for the domestic and foreign markets.
You will be supported by our staff at every stage.
Tecnotubetti is one of the leading companies in cosmetics packaging and has become a partner of many companies throughout Lombardy, standing out in the field of aluminum packaging on the Italian and foreign market, thanks to the quality of its products, production reliability and innovative design applied to the tube.