Quality and Security

Tecnotubetti is a leading company in the production of packaging for drugs, is active in the foreign market and offers to its customers a wide range of aluminum tubes for pharmaceutical products of high quality and resistance.

Pharmaceutical field: the importance of the packaging is essential.

This must be resistant at temperatures and to external agents to maintain in an optimal condition the product. Tecnotubetti produces packaging creams and ointments guaranteeing maximum safety of the product thanks to careful quality controls.
For each aluminum tube we issue a certification documents released to the customer at the time of delivery.
You can order tubes for drugs printed with logos and colours of your company, customised packaging of different sizes; aluminum tubes may have diameters from 13,5 mm. to 40 mm are available different models such as tubes with ophthalmic thread opened or closed.

The company realizes packaging for toothpaste, ointments versatile, resistant and reliable thanks to the highest standards of quality and control according to ISO 9001:00. We can provide orders of any quantity customer require and we ensure fast delivery and cheap prices . We deliver tubes in Italy and in Europe thanks to large distribution network, tubes come into your plant in pallets protect by stretch film to avoid any contamination.

Aluminium tubes for drugs with closed or opened hole

The packaging for drugs are safe and sealed to prevent to air and other substances to penetrate into the tube causing the deterioration of the active substances. Tubes to squeeze make it easy use of your creams avoiding waste of the product.

You can choose the size of the aluminum tube that you need according to the product that you desire.

Tecnotubetti is active throughout the world and produce:

tubes for toothpaste,
tubes for pharmaceutical creams;
tubes for ointments;
laminated tubes for drugs;
aluminum packaging for ointments.

We deliver any quantity of aluminium tubes for the italian market and abroad

The company realizes packaging for ointments and creams also for Oral Care and Pharma.

For further information and know the cost of packaging for drugs don’t hesitate to contact the company at the telephone number 0039 0331 831352 or fill out the form find on this page.