Our quality system is based on standard ISO EN 9001: 2015 issued by the ICIM SPA and constantly monitored through internal audits carried out by the company Lattanzio KIBS.

The application of the requirements of this standard allows:
- systematic monitoring of the product and production lines;
- a rationalization of waste;
- full satisfaction of customer requests;
- constant compliance with delivery times;
- good motivation from all staff;
- constant control of company safety;
- particular attention to the maintenance and calibration activities of the machines and control tools;
- good supplier management;
- extreme clarity in business relationships with customers and suppliers.

The application of these standards allows the excellence of our products, from the production step to the delivery of finished products.

Moreover, the adequacy of our quality system ensures:
- use of suitable materials
- traceability and serialization of the pharmaceutical product according to EU Regulation 2016/161
- high level of finished product thanks to our final quality control.

The priority and mission of Tecnotubetti is to ensure its customers an optimal product in line with market needs.
For this reason we realize frequent cleaning and specific tests of our production lines and carry out analysis and rigorous controls of the production environment.
All products are also compliant with the European General Directive 94/62 / EC on packaging and packaging waste.
Indeed, Tecnotubetti is first in line protecting the environment. Our aim is to reduce waste and enhance it through a collection and recycling system.